HeadQuarters: aggregation of several heterogeneous subsystem


HeadQuarters is a software based on an IT architecture allowing the aggregation of several heterogeneous subsystem in one server, thus enabling the consultation and control through a single interface with extremely innovative characteristics.

HeadQuarters’ aim is to display numerous information deriving from integrated subsystems in the most simple way, thus allowing a prompt interpretation by the operator.

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HeadQuarters is a software developed to manage complex IT infrastructures consisting many subsytems.
HeadQuarters’ aim is to give the operators the possibility to view and control on a single graphic interface many information.
Thanks to the speed of 2D and 3D vector graphic environments HeadQuarters guarantees reliability, speed of interpretation and events’ management and scalability.
HeadQuarters integrates, displays and control the existing infrastructure with no obligation for the client to change its own installed technology.

HQ software architecture enables the communication of systems that were heterogeneous until today.
HeadQuarters gives the possibility to make a logic analysis and applied correlation to the data imported from the integrated subsystems.
This feature, which allows to automate the intervention processes, is very important for the verification of alarms and changes of status of the whole infrastructure. The operator will be able to run "real time" checks, which implies the drastic reduction of false positives, thus increasing the efficiency of resources and making it possible to intervene rapidly in case of alarm.

Thanks to QGE - Quantic Geospatial Graphic Engine, on which HeadQuarters is based, the view of information deriving from different subsystems will be displayed by extremely innovative and easy-to-use graphics.
QGE also allows to automatically geo-reference the information on the map used thanks to the coordinates attributed to the subsystems’ sensors.
This characteristic is very important in order to "scale" the integration in the future in a very easy and quick way.