International Debt collection

International Debt collection

International Debt Collection

The International Debt Collection requires an efficient global network composed of expert specialist who must excel in the knowledge of laws, customs and local languages, able to work in a team for the benefit of the creditor. This is more relevant in an increasingly unpredictable and constantly changing global economy.

The consolidated global collaboration of 168 TCM Group partners "Global Debt Collection" located in 145 countries, is a response to all these requests.

Nivi SpA is the exclusive contact point in Italy for the TCM Group, the Partners are operating in a perfect synergy, allowing to provide debt collection services and commercial information, saving time and human resources, minimizing costs.

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Why choosing Nivi?

Because the debt collection abroad is a specific service that can only be offered by agencies that are able to:

communicate habitually the debtor’s language;
negotiate with countries in different time zones and currencies;
implement global coordination of international activities;
cooperate with reliable and cost-effective lawyers in the debtor’s jurisdiction;
obtain results higher than the average of completion party.