Video surveillance

Sistema di videosorveglianza

Video surveillance

The e-Killer line is a range of autonomous and self-powered products to support public safety and environmental protection activities.
The e-Killer devices have been developed, engineered and manufactured to be used in any condition involving temporary and itinerant use to combat crime.

Nivi Spa is the exclusive distributor of the e-Killer product line.

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e-Killer Flex is the device in the e-Killer range dedicated to combating improper waste disposal.
It uses the most innovative video analysis and artificial intelligence technologies integrated with high quality hardware components and can be remotely accessed thanks to the on-board 4G router.

e-Killer Snake is self-powered, mobile video surveillance kit that allows you to monitor on an itinerant basis locations related to investigations of Criminal Investigation Department.

e-Killer City is a device of the e-Killer line dedicated to the control of the territory for the purposes of order protection and public safety and traffic control, it can be reached remotely thanks to 4 G on board. It is a ready-to-use system, easily transferable to other sites, it only needs to be connected to the electricity grid of the public lighting or photovoltaic panel.

e-Killer Flex
e-Killer Snake
e-Killer City