European Municipality Outsourcing

European Municipality Outsourcing

European Municipality Outsourcing

Through the internal division “EMO” (European Municipality Outsourcing), Nivi SpA provides highly innovative services for the whole process of notification of contraventions to any citizen in Italy and Worldwide, for violations of the Italian Traffic Code.

The outsourcing service allows the Public Administrations to manage, quickly, the notification and collection of the penalties to foreign citizens, maintaining unchanged the roles of responsibility and competence of the Institution.

To date, more than 600 Municipal Police Commands use the EMO service, noting its validity and reliability.

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Association of the license plate to the Country of belonging;
retrieval of personal data referring to vehicle owners;
normalization of the address and generation of contraventions in different languages;
preparation and printing of administrative acts;
international contact center multilingual at the headquarters, for telephone helpdesk support.

The notification of the contraventions is carried out in compliance with the regulations in force and in the terms required by law.
The administrative act is also drawn up in the current language of the offender’s Country of residence.

The services allow the offender to choose the favourite method of payment, in total security guaranteed by SSL encryption.
The payment portal is available also from foreign users, in the reference language.
In case of non-payment following the notification, the outstanding receivables are managed using the cooperation of foreign certified correspondents and affiliated Law Firms.