Debt collection

Debt Collection services to Public Administration

Debt collection

Since 1960, Nivi is present in Italian and International Market; It was among the first companies to obtain the quality certification for debt collection services to Public Administration.
Our Company is Special Attorney for the recovery of tolls for the main Italian motorway companies and also for important public transport companies for credit recovery related to sanctions to travellers not in compliance with travel tickets.
It also deals with the verification and credit recovery activities for unpaid tickets, deriving from non-cancelled healthcare services.
Nivi's strength is to offer a Customer Care service that, by providing the debtor with all the necessary assistance also through a "courtesy front-line" with highly specialised staff, relieves the customer from all the tasks concerning the Credit Management.

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Services include:
receipt of the documentation by electronic means;
sending of one or more letters requesting payment by postal order prepared by our company, if necessary;
call center providing debtors with all information. In case of objection, our staff will get in contact with the creditor for solving the problem;
Phone Collection Activity;
Home Collection Activity;
website reserved access for our clients, who will be able to check every debtors’ position and the status of the entrusted cases;
website public access, where users/debtors can check their position, send requests for information and provide useful documentation for the settlement of the case.

Generally, services are paid in case of collected debts. Possible refund of postal expenses or stamping for legal records shall be agreed with the customers, depending on the method of service execution.

We send a notice through our Legal Service N-Lawyers. On client request, we can perform the complete judicial procedure in accordance with the law in force and at competitive prices.

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