Master Legal Service


N-Lawyers is the legal service of Nivi SpA aimed at recovering credits in Italy and Worldwide.

It includes the support and defence actions, both of a non-judicial and possibly judicial nature, aimed at satisfying the customer's credit claims.

Lawyers affiliated with Nivi SpA, with proven experience in the field of debt collection at national and international level, are appointed for carrying out the activities of N-lawyers.

pay online with a reference number of the case
pay online with a reserved access for users and password

It includes all activities aimed at recovering amicable credit to the debtor (Italian or foreigner), with the invitation to pay within a certain amount of time, with Indication of the methods of payment and the possibility to make contact directly with the Law Firm for information and clarification, to formulate questions, to propose negotiations, etc.

In case it has not been possible to recover the credit via extra-judicial procedures, it will be possible to activate the appropriate legal proceedings with the competent Authorities. Activities include:
preparation and drafting of judicial documents;
collating the dossier;
notify the debtor by using Bailiff;
negotiations with the counterparty;
participation in hearings, drafting extras and memoirs, etc...

execution phase (with the aid of correspondents on foreign territory)