From Nivi Credit srl to Nivi spa

The Nivi group starts in 2020, year of its anniversary, with transformation of Nivi Credit in Joint stock company and with the increase of its share capital. In particular it occurred the fusion for incorporation of The Nivi Credit Spa into the Nivi Credit Srl with the transformation of the latter in Joint stock company with effect from 1 January 2020.

As a result of the fusion and transformation the incorporating society “Nivi Credit Srl” assumes the new denomination “Nivi Spa” and takes over in all legal active and passive relations of the incorporated “Nivi Credit Spa” and in all the reasons, actions, rights, obligations, commitments and passivities.

Contextually it has been realized the increase of the entirely deposited capital which is equal to €. 7.928.926,00. Legal and executive headquarters, tax code and VAT number, telephone numbers and fax, email addresses and internet website remain unvaried.

In this new development stage, continuing to operate with the dedication and professionality that distinguish the company for a long time, Nivi intends to undertake a route of growth of the company looking to the future with new objectives and new expectations.