Communication of our President

Dear Customers,
the moment we're going through is particularly delicate. The challenge we are facing at a National level to overcome this emergency is putting us all to the test, both from a human and organizational point of view. Companies and families are forced to face a completely new situation, which many observers compare to a real War.
It is in these moments that the sense of community must emerge in its truest meaning. For this reason our Group is also determined to do its part: only together and with clear objectives can we overcome this difficult situation.

Health comes first.
In this context, protecting the health of the employees is at the top of our priorities. That is why we are working so hard to protect our families and our jobs. The companies of the Nivi Group (Nivi Group SpA, Nivi Spa, Nivi Gestiones España, Quantic Research Srl) have taken all the necessary precautions to ensure the required security. Many of us have chosen the Agile model work and are already working remotely in Smart Working Mode.

We guarantee our Services.
We are aware that a great country such as ours must make every effort to maintain the high standards of essential services. It is within this frame that we would like to emphasize how we will continue to provide the services ensuring our quality and professionalism, but above all the passion of those who love their job. We hope that through the will of all of us and the determination of every citizen, we will manage to overcome this difficult time.

A warm greeting.
Florence, March 13, 2020
the President - Dr. Luigi Nicosia