Le Giornate della Polizia Locale

Nivi present at the Palace of Congresses in Riccione, as every year, with E.M.O., the leading service in the management of notifications of sanctions abroad. More than 600 Municipal Police Headquarters use the EMO – European Municipality Outsourcing which allows to the Public Administrations to quickly resolve the problem of the notification and collection of high penalties to foreign nationals.

Like every year Nivi is ready to introduce some innovations to meet the needs of Local Police.

The great innovation introduced in Riccione 2022 is the e-Killer Flex 3.0: mobile video surveillance devices to hinder the irregular disposal of waste.

It is not the usual camera taking pictures, but it is about ingeneering devices, especiallt built to be set in every situation that requires provisional and itinerant means to fight unlawful behaviour.

To creat this device we had a steady exchange with local Police, in order to improve the device based upon the needs of the people in charge to control the territory.