NIVI virtuous company for its sustainable energy approach

"Sustainable energy is an opportunity - Transforming lives, the economy and the Planet."

Nivi Group reveals its green soul and promotes a new Clean Energy Agenda 2030 goal:
Goal 7 CLEAN AND ACCESSIBLE ENERGY - ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy systems for all.

In 2021, the Nivi Group, demonstrating particular sensitivity to environmental protection issues, has in fact opted to use electricity with a green heart, 100% from renewable sources:
• In 2021 the green inside electricity used by Nivi SpA was produced by the certified wind power plant in Buseto (TP).
• In 2021 the green inside electricity used by Nivi SpA is produced by the certified water plant in Premadio (SO).

The Nivi Group also reaffirms its commitment on other Energy Transition issues, through some interventions that confirm, also for 2022, the Company's virtuous behavior for energy sustainability:
• Optimization of energy consumption through continuous monitoring
• Replacement of traditional lighting fixtures with light sensors and high-efficiency, high-performance, long-life LED systems
• Plant and replacement interventions to reduce the amount of electricity and/or gas drawn from the supply
• Equipping the company fleet with electric vehicles
• Installation of electric vehicle charging facilities

Each intervention is a step toward Nivi Group's environmental sustainability and a contribution to the Energy Transition, measuring and reducing the impacts on the Planet of our operations and services.

Renewable-Energy Certificate of Origin 2022
Energy sustainability certificate 2022